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Have you ever wanted to start learning the Korean language? Or have you started learning Korean, but want to continue learning with people that share the same enthusiasm as you? Look no further!  The IYF K-Festival brings the best of Korea to you! Through an all online digital platform, IYF K-festival features classes with professional, native Korean language teachers; Korean-culture inspired curriculums such as K-beauty routines, K-pop dance, and Calligraphy; Korea's Got Talent event; and a Korean-themed scavenger hunt called the “Running Man”.


We may not be able to meet in person, but the 2021 IYF K-Festival is an exciting opportunity to experience Korean language learning online. So, register, log on and get ready to learn some Korean.


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Running Man

How well do you know k-pop stars? All your favorite Kpop stars are here! Play game and win prizes! Register now!


Kingdom of K-Festival

Each city has its own special characters. Take the Virtual Mission tour to visit the different festivals in Korea. Come and experience these festivals first-hand.



Korea's Got Talent

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Date & Time: April 18th, 2:30PM PST

Show us what you got at the IYF Korea’s Got Talent Show! It features an impressive array of singers, dancers and hopeful starts all vying to win amazing price. 

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