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First please register $20 on the website. 

Hello, this is IYF Korean Class.

Last year, we went to Korea with 100 Korean school students for a 2-week IYF Korean Camp. All the students loved it and were very happy.

We are currently recruiting students to go next year in July, and we plan to go to Korea as a group. After April next year, the flight prices are expected to increase significantly, so we are starting preparations to purchase flight tickets between February and March.

First, please complete the registration, and we can share information with you as we prepare for the flight prices.

Here's how the registration process for the 2024 Korea World Competition will work:

  •         First, complete the registration, and we will communicate to prepare for the flight prices.

  •         Between February and March, when we provide accurate flight information, we plan to purchase the tickets together. You can start collecting the funds until March next year.

  •         We will collect the fees three weeks before going to Korea. To help you not spend too much money upfront, we will buy the flight tickets first and then collect the fees.

  •         After registering for the Korea World Competition, we will have special classes before going to Korea.

Please note:

  • This is applicable only to students living in the United States.

  • Minors will need their parents' consent.

  • Currently, next year's Korean schedule is not confirmed. So, we will purchase the flight tickets around March next year when it becomes certain.

  • If you wish to have additional personal travel after our event, we can arrange extra time for that

When you purchase your flight, please send your personal and your flight information to

When all of these things are ready, you would be invited to the kakaotalk korean camp group chat. 

Only IYF korean class students who live in USA and Canada can participate this program

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